Local 1180 Education Fund Programs

The Education Fund provides various education programs for active members.

College Tuition Reimbursement Program

Local 1180 reimburses tuition and registration costs up to $400 per semester for up to three semesters per calendar year. Students must be enrolled in an accredited college or university, and complete the course with a passing grade in order to qualify. Also, the student must be a Local 1180 member in good standing for the entire semester in which applying for reimbursement.

College Book Reimbursement Local 1180 will reimburse up to $25 for books for qualifying students. The book reimbursement is for up to three semesters per calendar year.

New York City (DCAS) Course Reimbursement *

Local 1180 will reimburse qualified students up to $200 per calendar year for courses taken with the New York City (DCAS) program. The courses are tailored for the City of New York workforce and most courses are offered at the DCAS Training Center in lower Manhattan. DCAS publishes three course catalogs each year. For additional information, please visit their website. This serves as a valuable education tool for interested individuals.

Adult Education Courses and Seminars *

Local 1180 will reimburse qualified students up to $200 per calendar year for most adult education job-related courses and seminars. This includes courses taken in schools of continuing education in colleges and universities throughout the city. In addition, this benefit includes courses and seminars offered at private institutions, such as Fred Pryor seminars. Courses and seminars in this grouping are geared for the busy professional, and in some cases are offered in a one-day setting. Also, students will receive excellent take-home material and access to professional literature on the subject matter. If interested in these offerings, please visit the appropriate website e.g. the college or university school of continuing education of your choice or the website for Fred Pryor . If you are unhappy with a seminar you take at Fred Pryor, you will receive a credit to take another one of your choice.

Career Development Conferences *

Local 1180 will reimburse qualified students up to $200 per calendar year for job-related career development conferences.



* The combined total reimbursement per calendar year for New York City (DCAS) courses, Adult Education Courses, and Career Development Conferences cannot exceed $200.

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CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies

(Formerly Murphy Institute)



Education Fund

The CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies (SLU) serves working adults who seek to improve their professional skills, upgrade their qualifications, advance their careers, and deepen their understanding of the world. Established as a partnership between The City University of New York and New York City labor unions, SLU provides working adults increased opportunities to earn a college degree or certificate.

The School of Labor and Urban Studies Offers:

  • Application assistance
  • Free tutoring and college preparation classes
  • Assistance with transfer credits and Life Experience credits
  • Convenient locations and Evening and weekend classes
  • Counseling services and Assistance with union tuition support and financial aid
  • Academic support and advisement

The Urban Leadership Program is a special series of college courses subsidized by CWA Local 1180 for members who are interested in advancing their careers and taking on leadership roles in their union, workplace, and community. The program offers courses in Urban Studies, Public Administration and Policy, Community Leadership, Health Care Administration, Labor Relations, and Labor Studies. All courses in the series are offered for college credit and lead to either a certificate or college degree from the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies or Queens College.

Benefits for 1180 Members:

  • Effective Jan. 1, 2023, 30 credits and student fee toward undergraduate and graduate study in Urban Studies, Labor Studies, Public Administration, and Health Care Administration.
  • $400 tuition reimbursement per semester that can be applied to cover the additional credits needed to complete your degree.
  • SLU Offers: MA in Labor Studies Scholarship at the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies.
  • Diversity Scholarships in Labor Studies.
  • Need- and merit-based scholarships and financial aid application assistance.

Local 1180 members will:

  • Earn higher education credits and credentials.
  • Deepen their understanding of urban problems and issues.
  • Improve their analytical skills.
  • Expand their knowledge of government agencies, labor relations, urban planning, and the legislative and budgetary processes.

Courses are designed to:

  • Engage members in generating new ideas for solving the City’s most pressing challenges.
  • Offer members the unique opportunity to participate in task forces on a wide range of public policy topics, including social welfare, housing, health care, criminal justice, economic development, and education.
  • Apply their experience as a public service professional to examining and challenging government policy and procedures and developing alternative policy recommendations.
  • Prepare members for a leadership role in their workplace, union, and community.

In order to qualify, students must complete a community service project for each semester they are receiving the 30 credits. The community service project involves eight hours of participation each semester — two hours per month for four months.

SLU courses are offered at two locations. The first is at the School's main campus, 25 W. 43rd Street, 19th Floor, New York, NY. For information call 212.827.0200. The second location is Queens College, 65-30 Kissena Blvd., Kissena Hall, Room 217, Flushing, NY. Phone number for information is 718.997.3060. For more information about the program click here.

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